Lyceums were started in Greece by Aristotle. He lectured in gardens and public buildings. In the 1800s, lyceums for the improvement of adult communities caught on in the United States, starting in Massachusetts. Local and out-of-town lecturers would come to a public space/school/church/garden, and give a program in academia, science, politics, the arts, agriculture, practical knowledge. All were welcome.

We host lectures, art exhibitions, workshops, and social events covering a vast and varied array of topics, both practical and theoretical, to provide a nexus for discussion of ideas and community-building practices.

The Tamworth Lyceum is the latest project of Steven Grasse, founder of Art in the Age.


Light Grocery: Wine & Beer, Artisan Cheeses, Charcuterie, Crackers, Fruit & Vegetable Preserves/Pickles, Salt, Ice Cream, Bottled Beverages
Dry Goods: Natural cleaning supplies, mens/womens apothecary, eco-friendly art supplies, simple tools and kitchen wares
Literature: Transcendental Philosophy, American Classics, Printmaking, Traditional Crafts, New England History, and Rare/Vintage/Out-of-Print selections
Printed Matter: Small-run books & pamphlets, artist editions, stationery, posters & broadsides
Outdoor Gear: First aid, manuals, repair supplies, natural energy bars


Hot Drip Coffee*
Hot Looseleaf Teas*
Iced Tea* (seasonal availability)
Espresso-based Drinks*
Assorted Bottled Refreshments
Daily Pastry Selection
Penny Candy
*One size

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